Student Responsibilities

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Alice Brown Elementary School Code of Conduct

Statement of Purpose

At Alice Brown Elementary we have established standards that we make clear to the students and community. We expect our administration and staff:

  • to establish and maintain safe, caring and orderly environments for purposeful learning
  • to establish and maintain appropriate balances among individual and collective rights, freedoms and responsibilities
  • to clarify and publish expectations for student behaviour while at school, while going to and from school and while attending any school function or activity at any location

Conduct Expectations

Acceptable Conduct

All students at Alice Brown Elementary are expected to conduct themselves in the following manner:

  • respecting self, others and the school
  • helping to make the school a safe, caring and orderly place
  • informing an adult, in a timely manner (in advance, if possible) of incidents of bullying, harassment or intimidation
  • engaging in purposeful learning activities in a timely manner
  • acting in a manner that brings credit to the school

Unacceptable Conduct

Behaviours that:

  • interfere with the learning of others
  • interfere with an orderly environment
  • create unsafe conditions

Acts of:

  • bullying, harassment or intimidation
  • physical violence
  • retribution against a person who has reported incidents
  • bullying or intimidation through electronic modes…ie MSN messenger, e-mail or text messaging

Illegal acts, such as:

  • possession, use or distribution of illegal or restricted substances
  • possession or use of weapons
  • theft of, or damage to, property

Rising expectations

At Alice Brown, as students move through successive grades, responsibilities and expectations increase as they mature and become role models for younger students.

Students experience

  • increasing personal responsibility and self-discipline
  • increasing consequences for inappropriate behavior


At Alice Brown Elementary the severity and frequency of unacceptable conduct as well as the age and maturity of students, along with parent input where necessary is considered in determining appropriate disciplinary action.

  • responses to unacceptable conduct are pre-planned, consistent and fair
  • disciplinary action, wherever possible, is preventative and restorative, rather than merely punitive
  • students, as often as possible, are encouraged to participate in the development of meaningful consequences for violations of the established code of conduct


At Alice Brown Elementary School administration and staff have a responsibility to advise other parties of serious breaches of the Code of Conduct.

  • parents of student offender(s) as deemed necessary
  • parents of student victim(s) as deemed necessary
  • school district officials- as required by school district policy
  • police and/or other agencies – as required by law
  • all parents – when deemed to be important to reassure members of the school community that school officials are aware of a serious situation or incident and are taking appropriate action to address it, usually through notices or newsletters.

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