Vision & Values

School Expectations

Alice Brown students are expected to be a STAR:

S – Safe

T – Trustworthy

A – Accountable

R – Respectful

Alice Brown’s mission statement is:

Working and learning together to develop success as a lifelong learner in a positive and caring environment.

School Belief Statement

Alice Brown’s educational philosophy is based on the belief that our school is a welcoming, safe and caring place where students, parents and staff are committed to learning. The dignity of every individual is upheld. Cooperative attitudes and a focus on the positive help students build their self-esteem. Alice Brown is a community of learners where students, parents and staff wish to be.

The staff of Alice Brown is enthusiastic about the opportunities for students in our school. By focusing on the teaching skills such as problem solving, creative thinking and learning how to learn, students are given the critical tools to successfully meet the future. Our dedicated staff members are facilitators of learning who emphasize the intellectual, human, social, and physical development of our students. Students are constantly challenged to do their best. The staff strives to promote and foster creativity and prepares students to be open to change. Through respect for all and the use of natural and/or logical consequences, students are treated in a way that encourages them to become responsible citizens.

Finally, we strongly believe that open communication between parents, staff, community members, and students is critical. A united effort by all will allow our young people to become the best that they can be.

School Goals

The Alice Brown community continues to work on Literacy goals this year. Our K-3 classes will continue pursuing a reading goal with a view to having every child reading at grade level. We approach reading with a unified system around daily structured literacy time. Our staff work together to support the use of progressive and successful reading pedagogy such as guided reading groups, Daily 3/5, explicit instruction of the strategies that confident readers use to help students gain control of their reading processes.

Our Grade 3 to 7 staff is continuing with our reading goal and working to develop deeper understanding of material students read. Our goal is to help students learn to read, to find specific information and to develop a cohesive and well thought out responses to reading material. We are constantly determining appropriate and effective learning strategies for each individual student.

Alice Brown Elementary

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