The Library

Did you know that there are almost 10,000 books in the Alice Brown library?

Every week, each class has a set time where they come to the library and get to check out some new books.

In the Fall, a team of dedicated parents host a fantastic Scholastic Book Fair. Because of their efforts with this fund-raiser, new books are able to be added to the collection all year long.

There are opportunities for students to help in the library also, especially with shelving the books after they have been checked in. Ask Mrs Thomas if this is something you’d like to do and she can help you get started. It’s a great way to serve your school. And, you might just find a book that interests you!

The library is a warm, welcoming place and many students come at lunch time to work on their homework, work together on projects, or read quietly on their own. At other times, the library is used as a meeting space, a movie space, and sometimes, a party space.

Please come and get to know your library!

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